Sara Josefine

Good news!

  • 28.05.2017, 01:39

Hi! I`m so exited!

I probably should not tell you guys this now, it`s so new and fragil. But i can`t keep it a secret anymore, i'm so excited. The last tree days i have been writing different texts and the biggest one is for my book. Well, if you`ar norwegian you possibly already have read big parts of it, but there is a lot that is not postet yet. So, my question to you guys is: do you want to read the ten first pages of my book, therfor the first chapter, or not. I would love to get your feedback. I`m so curios to what you think and if you want to use your time on my story. Hope i hear from you on facebook or as a coment down below.If this sounds interresting, give this post a thumbs up on the blu little button on the left side.

But now, i need to work more on the book. Hablamos!

Sara Josefine

Hei! Mitt navn er Sara Josefine, jeg er 21 år, 95´er. Jeg liker å lese, se på Grey´s Anatomy, har dysleksi, fasinerer meg for menneskelig adferd, er en kjærestefri håpløs romantiker, avhengig av sukker og hater å ta feil...også ja, så er jeg lam. For kontakt:



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